Our values – 1. Editorial Excellence

In our recent blog, we outlined our three core company values which define our approach to every piece of content we put our name to.

Our three values are Editorial Excellence, Credible Content and Integrated Intelligence.

Here, we’ll start a series, expanding on how our values have a material impact on the day-to-day running of our content-first digital marketing agency, starting with Editorial Excellence.

Our core three values are inextricably linked.

Tell a story, don’t become one. This is a mantra that defines our approach to Editorial Excellence. Our three key values are inextricably linked – Credible Content and Integrated Intelligence combine with Editorial Excellence to make a tried and tested trio.

The content Venn diagram

On the Venn diagram of relationships between our three core values, there are endless connections.

Editorial Excellence informs Credible Content, Integrated Intelligence powers Credible Content and the drive for Editorial Excellence necessitates Integrated Intelligence. We could go on ad infinitum.

This delightful Venn diagram shows the value of picking your words well.

funny venn diagram

Words and phrases can have various meanings in different contexts, but with years of applied practice, we know just where to place the right word in a sentence to give it the most impact.

“All well and good”, we hear you saying, “but what exactly is Editorial Excellence? Is it just another buzzword?”.

Editorial Excellence means … unique content

When we say unique, we mean unique.

No fake news here. No lazy journalism. No clickbait. No re-spun content. No copy and paste jobs.

While everything we do is inspired by the quality, informative web content and the award-winning pieces of journalism we read on a daily basis, we believe in keeping up to date with current trends and we’re inspired to constantly up our game – tip of the hat.

We don’t copy – we aim to set the standard with unique content which matches the reader’s goals.

More of that later.

Unique content is data-led, meticulously researched and original.

Whether a piece is informed by publicly-available government datasets on the housing market, or we have to dig a little deeper with our investigative journalism hats on, (such as when writing about the most recalled cars of 2019), we’re more than happy to do it, to uncover the real story.

Editorial Excellence means … expert viewpoints

An editorial, by its very definition, means a newspaper editor writing an article expressing their own view, or even their newspaper’s take on a trending topic.

When we think of Editorial Excellence, we think of articles shaped by expert viewpoints.

We often refer to this type of content as thought leadership, which is a valuable method of promoting your brand in your industry.

Thought leadership is defined by the Content Marketing Institute as content which “establishes the brand as an authority in a specialised field or line of business and deeply engages with decision makers.”

The phrase “deeply engages with decision makers” is critical here, as thought leadership content is an especially powerful tool in business markets. However, it also works well in consumer markets too.

What thought leadership content does most effectively is to build trust between companies and their audiences. By giving away useful and actionable information for free, your audience is more likely to see your brand as an expert, strengthening their brand recall for your company.

The hope is that, when they need products or services from your industry, customers will remember your brand fondly – and when they next visit your site, they’ll convert.

Editorial Excellence means … the gold standard

Every time we pick up our pens – actually scrap that – every time we approach our keyboards, we do so with relish, excited by the opportunity to raise the bar for your brand’s content marketing, and in the process, set a new gold standard for content in your industry.

How do we do this?

Simply put, we create content that is better than the sum of its parts. We use expert knowledge and input to get to the crux of an industry, and supplement these insights, using data via integrated intelligence to back up our hunches.

To create the gold standard of content for your industry, we must become sponges, absorbing all the latest developments and news in your sector. We pride ourselves on thoroughly understanding your brand and reading around our topic before committing fingers to keyboards.

Editorial Excellence means … audience first

Without understanding the audience that reads our work, how can we possibly strive to make our words powerful and meaningful?

That’s why we always place the audience at the forefront of what we do, whether that’s creating a new website for the trade sector, writing a breaking news article on the property market or preparing a data-led report for a financial client.

We can understand our audience thoroughly through researching the websites and resources they trust, analysing a website’s segmentation and demographic splits, as well as doing so through creating customer behavior modelling tools, like audience personas.


The inside track

Are you on board with the different way we do things at InsideCopy? Excellent.

Take a look at our services, including copywriting, to fit your purposes, whether it’s refreshing your outdated website copy, for example.

We’re here to act as an extension of your brand and help you achieve your goals this year, from boosting your customer conversions to building your brand’s authority and trust.

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