Could blockchain transform digital copywriting?

CryptoContent: Could Blockchain Transform the Copywriting World?

Content marketing is an undoubtedly fast-paced sector. But even we’re tested when it comes to keeping up with developments in the cryptocurrency world – and not for lack of trying.


Last year saw some outrageous ‘gains’ for Bitcoin, while the first month and a half of 2018 has essentially pressed reset on the last quarter of 2017 prompting another round of questions from all angles.


But it’s the blockchain technology behind it all that’s caught our eye, and more specifically, its application in the ever-growing world of online content.

Doubtless there are hundreds of teams and individuals around the world searching for the ideal application of blockchain in today’s digital marketing environment. Images, copy, videos – not to mention the massive disruptive potential in the advertising sector – there are almost endless potential applications.


Where all this will end up and what will and won’t succeed? Well, wouldn’t we like to know. But one token that’s caught our eye recently is is on a mission to use blockchain technology to verify the origins and integrity of content.


Here, we’ll let them outline it: “The core objective of is to create a platform which simplifies the process for publishing, licensing and authentication of digital assets.


Simplifying the publishing process necessitates solving the issues of document integrity, licensing, arbitrage, analytics, syndication and attribution of digital assets. aims to create a blockchain-based platform with added smart contract functionality and applications to facilitate distribution of digital creative works and remove barriers to entry for publishers and asset creators by solving these issues.”


It’s early days with the ICO only taking place in August 2017, but we’ll be watching to see where the technology develops from here, especially given the recent WordPress plugin announcement. Oh and full disclosure, we’ll also be watching where our investment goes too.


What else needs solving?

So why are we so excited to see what blockchain can bring to content marketing anyway? Well there are quite a few challenges facing the sector in today’s climate. Here are just a few of the challenges on our minds.

1. Attribution


Undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges to have emerged since the boom in the sheer volume of online content is attribution – not just from the perspective of who has written the copy itself, but also where the data and information has been sourced from.


If you ask us the move away from a centralised controlled press has been overall a good thing, creating the potential for a truly democratic sphere of information. But an undeniable downside to all this has been the loss of journalistic experience – and perhaps integrity.


Where once writers would receive training and an understanding of the ethical and transparent approaches to gathering the facts required to write a story, now there is the potential for us all to be publishers no matter our background.


While not all journalists applied the knowledge they gathered through training ‘back in the old days’, at least there was a system in place which – if followed – published ‘facts’ could be traced to determine whether or not they were indeed facts.


Now, with the sheer demand for content daily, hourly and by the minute, sites are competing for hits and traffic and with it the age-old tradition of fact checking is at great risk.


Here’s the TL;DR version of all that:


We need a way of stopping the unwelcome phenomenon that is Fake News.


2. Who said it first?


Even where we can verify facts, we also need to verify who published the article first in order to provide the proper recognition – both professionally and in the eyes of the great SEO overlords at Google.


3. Payment


InsideCopy’s clients pay us and we pay our team of writers, designers and strategists. But it’s not always that simple.


What if you’ve gone to a bigger agency – a global company outsourcing content to freelancers and contributors around the world rather than a central local team on a regular full-time wage with all the employment benefits that go along with such a position – then what?


The online content machine is undeniably powered by a huge number of individuals and freelancers and the methods by which they receive payment are not always straightforward. With the growth of influencer marketing surely this is only going to become increasingly the case.


Could technology be the solution? Could blockchain even provide the holy grail – a secure, fair and transparent payment system that isn’t restricted by membership of a particular network, company or agency?


4. Irrefutable ROI


We create and review Google Analytics reports among other relevant data sets with our clients on a regular basis. But while we can sit here before our keyboards and write in all truth that we are using genuine data to present an accurate view of our clients’ ROI on a content marketing investment with us, the same isn’t true of all agencies.


We’ve heard far too many horror stories from other agencies and individuals who do the exact opposite. The sad truth is that too many marketers are still creating entirely fabricated reports on Adwords and Analytics data.


Could blockchain technology help verify performance data and ROI? Or are clients ever to be at the mercy of the old adage lies, damn lies and statistics?


What’s next?

These are just a handful of common challenges we’ve come across in our time in content marketing. No doubt there are others that blockchain entrepreneurs are already setting out to solve – or perhaps have solved already.


At InsideCopy we’re in full support of the growth of blockchain technology. It’s still too early to see exactly where it’s going but we’ve actively taken steps to ensure we’re there to help new businesses make themselves known in this sphere.


From working behind the scenes to implement content marketing campaigns, to delivering strategy support and assets, our team have been working in this niche new sector for various new companies, from ICOs, including, to new cryptocurrency exchanges.


One challenge they’ve faced across the board is ensuring their story is understood. These businesses are offering something new and ground-breaking in one form or another; educating their audiences on their value is high on their to-do list for success.



If you’re looking for a team of intelligent, specialist copywriters and creatives to share your message, contact InsideCopy today.

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