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Let’s Talk About Meta Data

What do you call it when you sit down to write a blog about blog writing?   Ah, yes – meta data. That ever thrilling subject.   If you don’t already know what meta data is, then strap yourself in – because you’re in for some edge-of-the-seat stuff right here. If you already know a thing or two about the topic, you’re probably wondering if we have any added tips and advice to raise your meta game even higher.   That’s...

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(Struck by) The Passive Curse

  Writers like to avoid the passive voice. And if you speak to many of them about it, you’re likely to get a pretty brutal condemnation in response.   That’s because ‘avoid the passive voice’ is a pretty important and fundamental rule of decent quality copy. While that’s by no means a hard and fast rule (no style convention is), it’s definitely worth paying attention to when you can.   What’s the passive voice?   Passive voice sentences obscure the subject: the...

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To Verb or not To Verb?

The word ‘verb’ probably brings a slight tinge of discomfort to the average person – with memories of dry old grammar lessons from school. Of course, to us, the word brings up images of sunshine, rainbows and everything that’s good in the world – but I guess that’s why we’re the words people.   So consider us ambassadors of the grammar-obsessed to the rest of civilised society: verbs are your friends. But like all friends, they need...

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The Importance of Seamless Keyword Placement

Anyone who knows anything about website SEO copywriting knows that keywords are important. But sadly, too many SEO writers focus primarily on keywords to the detriment of the quality of their copywriting.   Keyword grammar The first rule of SEO copywriting is not to sacrifice every basic rule of the English language for the sake of keyword placement. People often google incoherent phrases like ‘restaurants London,’ that, try as you might, you’re never going to be able to...

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Website SEO Copywriting Essentials: Frequency

Article content writing frequency Google likes active websites. Even if you run a thriving business with plenty of clients, if your website hasn’t been updated in months or even years, Google assumes that there’s not all that much going on behind the www.   That’s why websites, blogs and companies focus so much effort into updating their article content writing. Whether it’s blog writing, news article, how-to-guides, or updating your services – a website with frequent (and good)...

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