How to Rewrite a Sentence

Do you want to know how to rewrite a sentence so that your words really resonate with your readership?   Crafting excellent copy is a multi-stage process that looks something like this:   Research Structure First Draft Edit Structure Second Draft Share with a second pair of eyes ...

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The Importance of Seamless Keyword Placement

Anyone who knows anything about website SEO copywriting knows that keywords are important. But sadly, too many SEO writers focus primarily on keywords to the detriment of the quality of their copywriting.   Keyword grammar The first rule of SEO copywriting is not to sacrifice every basic rule...

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Economy in Digital Content Writing

Writing for the internet is its own art form. Those reading digital article content writing have a unique set of requirements, different to readers looking at literature, academia, or journalism. To get the most out of digital content, you need to pay attention to these requirements....

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