Getting the Balance Right between Paid Campaigns and Organic Marketing

There’s no guaranteed formula, no magic potion, no glass slipper. As a property marketing professional in charge of your organisation’s digital marketing activities, you’re responsible for generating new leads, building consumer brand awareness and maintaining healthy organic visibility on search engines.
We don’t blame you for looking for a simple solution to pulling off this heroic to-do list. It’d make our lives a hell of a lot easier, too. But the simple solution is not what we’re about.
Through our experience we’ve found every client is different, and the allocation of the efforts put behind paid and organic marketing varies in each account. The budget that is ultimately put behind paid advertising depends on a litany of factors. To name just a few, there’s the ferocity of the competitive landscape in your niche (is it more shark-infested waters or summer garden paddling pool?), your position in the market, seasonality, and the depth and quality of your website content.
In this article we’ll describe our approach to getting the balance right between paid campaigns and organic marketing, and share some tips on what has proved to regularly work well for our clients.

Content marketing vs. paid: can we have our cake and eat it, too?

Yes: you don’t have to choose between content marketing and paid advertising as tactics to generate leads. Both methods work well individually and can gain you both customers and visibility but, just like a good cake, every ingredient often works best when combined with the recipe’s other constituent parts.
Leaving the analogy aside, these methods vary dramatically in their creation and results. To decide on your goals, you need to ask yourself if you’re looking for quick wins and short-terms sales (nothing wrong there) or is a longer-term solution preferable?
Again, that’s not to say you should choose one technique over the other; they’re best implemented in concert. But by being hyper-aware of your aims, you can decide how much budget you’ll assign to each technique and, crucially, how long you envisage each campaign will last for.

Comparing paid advertising and content marketing

The main difference between following a PPC advertising or content marketing campaign is time.
If you’re looking for immediate results to boost your quarterly sales, book attendees to an upcoming conference or get traction on a new product, PPC advertising might be for you.
The thing is, PPC results last only as long as you’re willing to put budget behind a campaign.
Content marketing, on the other hand, is more of a slow-burn approach; in our experience, results usually take up to three months, and sometimes more in competitive fields. Organic marketing success is a fine art and depends on a lot of factors.
However, when you see success, such as high rankings on Google results search pages for your main target keywords, you’ll find you have sustained success in the form of higher-traffic numbers to your site.
The beauty of content marketing is you have already done the job of creating well-crafted copy which will engage and convince visitors to become customers.
content marketing vs paid

Our approach

We often suggest to our clients that a fusion of paid marketing tactics and a content marketing strategy is the best route to follow to ensure results come quickly and are sustained over a long period.
When we begin working with a new client, we start with an onboarding process; this allows us to get to know you and you to get to know us. Once we are more familiar with your business and you understand the value we can add, we’ll start to make recommendations.
We begin by immersing ourselves in your business, as well as your website, marketing assets, social channels and website analytics. This research phase also includes keyword research. By understanding which search terms are valuable in your industry and where you place for them, we can start chasing improved performance.
In the first three months of working with a new client, we like to complete this research phase and put in place a targeted PPC campaign to deliver quick results. After this period, we’ll focus more on organic results (that’s not to say that we won’t follow a content marketing strategy from the beginning), but we’ll start building up the organic focus to ensure long-term results.
Our approach is very consultative; however, if you want to follow a purely organic content driven campaign, that’s awesome; our expert copywriters would love to help.
Our service is bespoke. If you want to learn more about getting the balance between channels right in your content marketing strategy, visit our blog on the subject.

The inside track

Are you on board with the different way we do things at InsideCopy? Excellent.
Take a look at our services, including copywriting, to fit your purposes, such as refreshing your outdated website copy.
We’re here to act as an extension of your brand and help you achieve your goals this year, from boosting your customer conversions to building your brand’s authority and trust.

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