How We Work

We do things a little bit differently here...
First Step

Research & Converse

The key to great copy lies in understanding your audience. We invest time in getting to know your brand, your team and your business to ensure that the copywriting we deliver resonates with your customer base. Everything we learn with you goes into a brief to ensure our copywriters are ready to write to your specifications.

Second Step

Write & Create

Brief in hand, our copywriters get to work. The challenge is to create engaging, original and genuinely interesting content to catch the attention of human beings, while simultaneously ensuring best practice SEO – quite a balancing act! Fortunately, perfect keyword density and best practice SEO are second nature to us, leaving us free to focus on the creativity your human audience expects.

Third Step

Edit & Improve

Freelance copywriters are fantastic, but don’t underestimate the potential of having a full team of professional copywriters working for you. Before the first draft of your copy even reaches you it will have been written, edited, proofread, edited and proofread again by our team of wordsmiths.
It’s only by working as a team that we can push our copywriting to the next level.

Fourth Step

Deliver & Review

We can’t tell you how much value there is in feedback! Our established clients have reaped the benefits of spending a little time reviewing their early work with us. They’re now busy with their broader digital strategy, safe in the knowledge that we’ll keep delivering great content, on time, on brief and on budget.