Our Values – Editorial Excellence, Credible Content, Integrated Intelligence

Millions of words are written and published online each day – we like to think that everything we write and share has value, especially if you’re a business trying to showcase what you’re capable of to a wider audience.


But good intentions don’t always translate into top-quality content, and things can often get lost in translation when a business makes its goals clear, but they’re communicated by an agency which fails to get to grips with your brand’s story.


InsideCopy isn’t just any old digital marketing agency – we’re a content-first agency, comprised of a small but rapidly-growing team of dedicated professionals, driven by three main values, which we apply to every piece of content we produce each day.


Read on to learn just what they are.


Editorial Excellence – Tell a story, don’t become one

We’ve all seen those marketing fail memes online – whether it’s a popular supermarket chain allowing a few too many words slip out onto some important point of sale marketing material, or a road sign in Wales which could have done with a quick last-minute proofread before it became the butt of a joke.

The final line of this marketing material for vegan fish fingers in Waitrose is: “if it’s still too long let me know.” We’re also wondering where the comma is?


While these kinds of slip-ups make people laugh, out in the wide world, they can be awkward or even damaging for brands trying to be taken seriously.


Editorial Excellence, which we passionately believe in, means no awkward typos in a headline, and translations which mean exactly what you expect them to.


It means the difference between telling a story or risking becoming a story, because of a few out-of-place characters.

The Welsh translation of this road sign literally says: “I am not in the office at the moment. Please send any work to be translated”.


This error came to pass after the Welsh government sent the road sign to be translated by its internal translation team. However, their email received the automatic out of office reply above. The English-speaking person responsible for finalising this piece of work at the local council, being none the wiser, unfortunately, took it at its word.


As well as being an issue of poor editorial control, this error is also an example of communication breakdown, an issue that occurs all too often in large bureaucratic organisations. At InsideCopy, we’re a small team (who punch above their weight), which allows us to collaborate effectively, ensuring all our clients receive our full attention.

Credible Content – No fake news here

Whether it’s the latest morning news or your more evergreen website copy, we want clear, unbiased and truthful information to be at the centre of the web.


In a world where we can’t always trust what the most powerful head of state in the world tells us, it can be easy to become dispirited and jaded.


The same sentiments have often been raised in the past about digital marketing agencies, in particular, SEO-focused agencies. Some SEO agencies have rightly been accused of using shady tactics to make a quick buck while pulling the wool over their clients’ eyes.


At InsideCopy, we believe in Credible Content – it informs every single piece of copy we put our name to. To us, Credible Content means the importance of highly-focused research, rigorous fact-checking, as well as thoroughly understanding our topic and the audience we’re writing for – before penning a single word.


We do this to make sure the brands we work with can speak in an authoritative and trustworthy manner, so referencing our sources to remain transparent is all-important, whether they’re academic journals or official government data releases.

Integrated Intelligence – Backed by stats

From keyword research to audience profiling using Google Analytics data, every assertion we make is backed up by stats.


This means we can advise our clients on their target audience, especially potentially valuable groups within their audience, who they might be neglecting or simply unaware of. Allied to this, thorough SEO keyword research enables the identification of phrases which match target audience search intent.

This means we can help our clients climb those all-important search rankings, to get their brand in front of more eyeballs.


Integrated Intelligence also draws on our experience from working with brands from a variety of industries.


Our particular focus and expertise is in the finance and property industries, and our background in producing exceptional results for esteemed clients in these industries makes InsideCopy a trustworthy agency to approach when nothing less than credible content with the highest editorial standards will do.

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