Blog Writing

Words to fuel your digital marketing and stimulate audience engagement.

Why do I need a blog on my website?


Ah this old chestnut! OK, two things.


1. Regularly updating your website with fresh, original content is fantastic for SEO.  When you add a new blog, it tells Google that your website is active, engaged and generally being well looked after – all good signs to suggest it has something useful to offer a searcher. So if your goal is to work your way up the rankings, then you need blogs on your website.


2. The second reason why you need a blog on your website is to nurture conversions. The people visiting your website are just that – people. Even if they don’t convert on their first visit, offering them interesting, engaging and relevant articles helps build traction and engagement with your brand. And that holds a great deal of value in the digital age when we’re being bombarded with sales and offers left, right and centre.


What kind of blogs do you write?

As a content writing firm, we specialise in writing blogs that help our clients achieve their goals. What form these take is unique to each individual client and their focus.


If your goals are SEO-driven, our approach might look something like this:

  • 2 blogs a week
  • 300 word articles
  • A monthly content calendar
  • Graphics included, fully optimised for SEO of course
  • Calls to action, internal and external linking all considered
  • Written, proofed, tweaked and uploaded direct to your website.


If on the other hand you’re blogging to build your brand, then you might be looking at more image-dense blogs, or roundups of the latest designs featuring collated galleries from Pinterest or Instagram – all handled by the InsideCopy team.


In other cases, a research-heavy approach with the latest facts, figures and comment from industry leaders is more applicable. In these cases we set to work creating a carefully crafted, accurate article complete with all the appropriate references and data.


In most cases, our clients want a mix of SEO and brand-driven blog content. For a team of digital copywriting specialists, this suits us perfectly.


Who have you blogged for before?

Our team of professional website content writers are specialists in adapting their style, tone and focus to suit a diverse range of brands and organisations.


Here’s just a handful of the sectors we’ve worked with:


Alternative investment firms

Emerging technologies

Interior design



Real estate and construction



Consumer finance


We have a wide portfolio of clients from an eclectic blend of backgrounds and look forward to adding your brand into the mix – whoever you might be.


Why should I choose InsideCopy to write my company’s blog?

First and foremost, we’re writers! Yes we have SEO and digital marketing expertise too, but we’re writers first. This means you can be sure that your news articles and blogs will be the most interesting, engaging and creative articles possible.


The other thing you need to know about us is that we’re a team. Freelance copywriters are great, but sometimes you need the reliability and dedication of a whole content writing company behind you.


Whether it’s that extra stage of proofreading, or knowing that there will always be someone to write your blog even during holiday and sickness, if you’re investing in a digital marketing strategy you need to know that everyone will be playing their role.


Sound good to you? Now it’s your turn. Tell us a bit more about what you’re looking to achieve with your company’s blog and we’ll see how we can help.