InsideOnboard: Smart Welcome Emails for Your Business



The majority of digital marketers spend 25 per cent or less of their time working on this digital marketing channel.


A massive 59 per cent of digital marketers claim this digital marketing channel generates the most ROI for their organisation.

What is this magic low-maintenance, high-return channel?


It’s nothing new. But it has had a makeover.


Ladies and gentlemen please welcome back to centre stage…


Email marketing.


Automation has completely transformed email marketing. Now at InsideCopy we’ve combined this powerful automation technology with our own creative copywriting.


The result is InsideOnboard – a fully customised smart welcome email series tailored to your business.


Whether your leads come from paid advertising, organic search, networking or word of mouth, they all take time and money to acquire. Once you’ve got them, it’s essential that you work hard to turn them into paying customers.


No matter how busy you are, InsideOnboard will help your sales team to improve their conversion rate.



Competitor analysis Strategy and structure
6 emails tailored to your business Research, writing, proofread
Dedicated account manager Creative copy that converts
Notebook Brief Up to 2 rounds of revisions
Monthly performance reports for 3 months Design of emails tailored to your brand
In-house copywriters and technical experts Management and setup in ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp

Smart Welcome Emails from InsideCopy

1. How long will the welcome email series run for?

Our expert copywriters will create a winning welcome series that will work for years. From your 1st signup to your 10,000th, this is some seriously scalable marketing power.


Its longevity is ultimately dependent on your business; for example if you change your target market or core services regularly this product might not be for you. But if you have a core service and a market you know you want to engage, our team are perfectly placed to create evergreen content that will work hard for you for years to come.

2. How can you create email content for my business when you don’t work in my business?

Simple – we are great copywriters. Copywriting is about asking the right questions as much as it is about writing the right words.


Our team have a framework to work with, as well as the experience and skill necessary to pinpoint what matters to your audience. They will translate that into email marketing content that converts.

3. Why do you create 6 emails? Isn’t 1 enough as a welcome email?

The most effective welcome email series are between 4 and 6 emails in length. We’ve explored shorter and longer options but we wanted to create something that had the best chance of working for the most people and 6 is that magic number.


It’s all about engagement. At this early stage in their customer journey with you, a new signup is super engaged. Compare the interest levels of a new enquiry to someone who has been ticking along on your newsletter list for a year. We want to capitalise on that higher level of engagement and deliver a series of short, highly engaging messages that tell them as much as possible about your business to really get them interested and ready to buy – fast.

4. What exactly does ‘automation’ mean in this context?

InsideOnboard is a smart welcome email series designed to make the most of the transformative power of automation.


It uses smart triggers from user interactions on your website to send out a customised series of emails, nurturing them to conversion. It does away with the need to manually send out different messages to different people and maximises the power of new data categorisation to automate personalisation too.

5. How long will the welcome emails run for?

InsideOnboard is totally customised to your sales cycle. Welcome emails will run for as long as your sales cycle dictates.


However, we recommend in most cases that they are sent out over a relatively short period of time in order to capitalise on the high levels of early stage engagement and interest from the audience.


Your Account Director will offer you specific advice based on a review of your sales cycle and audience engagement.

6. What happens when someone has received all of the welcome emails?

That’s up to you. The InsideCopy team will tailor the content to get as many people as possible to convert over the course of the 6 emails.


But whether they convert or not, what happens next depends on your sales cycle. We advise at the bare minimum they be added to your general population to receive your regular newsletters. But if you’re selling a high-investment service you might also want to think about a personal call from one of your sales team.

7. What email marketing software do you use?

We work with ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp. If your business uses another software or tool please get in touch and we will discuss if this is the right service for you.

8. Why do I need automated emails – can’t I just use the my traditional setup?

Automation has come on leaps and bounds. With experience, small companies and even one-man-bands can access and implement systems that once took tens of thousands of pounds of custom development to get off the ground.


Tagging means that we can develop the logic and personalise emails to your individual readers. People who join your mailing list will be addressed personally and we can even distinguish the message to people from different areas who show interest in different services or products.


Experience and technology mean we can take data and turn what were once clunky, time-intensive, generic email messages, into highly personalised and targeted communications. It’s your choice if you continue to use your traditional setup – but this is why we’re such big fans of automation.


Smart welcome emails, completely tailored to your business. Harness the power of automation now.