Research Articles

Words to make your business stand out from the crowd.

What is a research article?

It might take the shape of a white paper, industry report or even just a long blog!

But, long or short, ‘research article’ is our term to refer to thought leadership content that helps shape your commercial space.

A research article might focus on the latest movements in the London property market, pulling in the latest data sets from multiple, carefully vetted sources, to offer a comprehensive overview. Or it might make use of case studies and research your company has undertaken and pull this together to offer an extra level of insight to help inform your audience.

In short, we take your company’s specialised industry knowledge and use it to create content that earns its keep as part of your marketing strategy.


How does a research article earn its keep?

An obvious next question! Research articles are used in different ways by different clients but here are 3 key requests we get here at InsideCopy:

1. Increase brand visibility

Research articles start at 1,000 words. And we all know Google loves long form content. A carefully written research article, with well-chosen keywords, published on your website as part of an ongoing content marketing strategy, will help bump your website in the Google rankings.

2. Encourage enquiries

Reaching out to people online empty handed doesn’t usually go very well. Whether you’re pushing a targeted LinkedIN campaign or an email marketing strategy, having something to offer your target audience gives you a serious helping hand.

3. Attract investment

Research articles are all about proving your knowledge, understanding and expertise – a pretty important factor if you’re looking to attract investment. If you’re embarking on a funding round, our team can help you put your hook into words and prove you’ve got the clout and know-how that you say you do.


OK, I’m starting to get the picture but I need some real world examples. What research articles have you written before?

We’ve written detailed reports on upcoming investment areas for real estate companies; population profiles for cultural organisations; global market analysis for international marketing service providers; investment advice for precious metal retailers; fundraising material for technology and fashion start-ups and more.

Every business has the option to offer something genuinely informative and interesting to their customers and potential customers if they want to. With a little creative thinking from our team, we’ll help you find the hook that will establish that bond of trust with your customers and investors.


Why should I use InsideCopy to write my research articles?

Perhaps even more so than with other article content writing, the key to successful research articles is quality: insider knowledge, detail, and robust citations. As a professional content writing firm, these are integral to the output of every research article we produce.

We combine this top-quality writing with our expert knowledge of SEO copywriting and present what can be complex and nuanced information in an engaging and easily digestible format.


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