The Importance of Seamless Keyword Placement

Anyone who knows anything about website SEO copywriting knows that keywords are important. But sadly, too many SEO writers focus primarily on keywords to the detriment of the quality of their copywriting.


Keyword grammar

The first rule of SEO copywriting is not to sacrifice every basic rule of the English language for the sake of keyword placement. People often google incoherent phrases like ‘restaurants London,’ that, try as you might, you’re never going to be able to shoehorn into a grammatically coherent sentence. So don’t do it.


Whatever SEO value you might gain from having the exact keyword will almost certainly be lost as soon as somebody clicks on your page and reads your clunky sentences.


Human beings aside, Google is getting pretty clever these days. It’s pretty much clocked on that ‘restaurants in London’ is still pretty pertinent to those searching for ‘restaurants London’.


Forward planning


That being said, there is tangible SEO value to getting your keywords in exactly – it’s just not worth sacrificing clarity and coherence for. So if it’s possible to get the keyword into your text without changing past tense to present, singulars to plurals or inserting prepositions – then do so.


For that reason, it’s a good idea to look at the keywords you’re going to target before you actually pen your article content writing. Constructing your sentences around the existing grammatical structures of your keywords is going to read a lot smoother than trying to shoehorn keywords into existing article content writing. Keep it simple, keep it natural: everything else falls into place from there.


It’s not impossible for you or anybody else to learn the nuances of keyword placement and decent article content writing. But perfecting it will take up a certain amount of bandwidth that chances are your business can better allocate elsewhere.


If you’re starting to think that time could be better spent producing goods or servicing clients, then why not trust the website SEO copywriting experts at InsideCopy to do what we do best and write your site for you?

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