Website SEO Copywriting Essentials: Connectivity

If you ask any SEO website content writer worth their salt, they’ll tell you that connectivity is one of the most important elements of an SEO strategy. It’s a fairly simple concept – the internet is at its most fundamental basis a network. It’s all well and good having the most engaging, SEO configured content available, but if it exists in a vacuum, then it’s not going to attract much attention – it needs to be part of the network.

What we’re talking about here are links, links and more (good quality) links.

Internal linking

The first step to good SEO connectivity is internal linking. For practical reasons, this makes perfect sense: if your digital content writing has pulled some body onto your website from Google or social media, you want to make the most it. A viewer is far more likely to view other parts of your website when prompted to do so, than simply of their own accord.

The more views you attract on your website, the better your overall SEO rankings become. And what’s more, if you want people to move from your article content writing to the services or contact us page and actually convert, then a bit of light encouragement never goes amiss.

But even if nobody clicks on these internal links, there’s raw SEO benefit in having them there in the first place. Google likes pages that are properly connected, with clear, interactive interfaces. A sophisticated network of pages that directs traffic around the website in a manner that’s useful for actual human users, tends to show higher SEO rankings than a website full of self-contained pages.

If you want to delve in further, Moz have some good guides available here on where and when to use links.

External linking

For those new to the world of website SEO copywriting, the idea of directing people away from your website sounds contradictory – particularly after you’ve put so much work into getting them there in the first place.

In reality, digital interfaces these days allow you to scroll quickly between multiple tabs and windows, meaning an external link will rarely direct a user away from your website for good.

In general, the SEO benefits of linking your website up with useful content for your readership will easily outweigh the risk of losing traffic to other sites.

Social media

Of course, the real SEO linking magic comes when other people link to your website. If the internet is one giant forum of competing information, then linking to a page is a user’s way of voting for it. Websites that have been linked to regularly often appear higher in search rankings. For this reason, it’s probably not a good idea to link to your competitors’ websites!

But what you can do is link to your own website from social media and encourage your followers to share your blogs and product links on their own social media accounts. Having a regular stream of content that pulls people onto your website from sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is a good way of boosting your organic search rankings.


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