Website SEO Copywriting Essentials: Frequency

Article content writing frequency

Google likes active websites. Even if you run a thriving business with plenty of clients, if your website hasn’t been updated in months or even years, Google assumes that there’s not all that much going on behind the www.


That’s why websites, blogs and companies focus so much effort into updating their article content writing. Whether it’s blog writing, news article, how-to-guides, or updating your services – a website with frequent (and good) content is going to rank better than one without.



Keyword frequency

Of course, simply having content on your website is often the easiest part of the whole SEO package. Optimising your article content writing to include the right keywords is the key to getting people to actually read it. And an important part of that is getting the right keywords in the right place.


Each article should include one ‘focus’ keyword, and one or two other secondary keywords. A focus keyword would ideally appear about three times in the text of a short blog, depending on the length, as well as in sub-headings, titles and relevant meta data.


You should aim for a broad-brush approach to your keyword strategy. Putting all your chips behind one keyword might work well for one blog – but isn’t great for your overall website. For this reason, it’s good to have a variety of blogs, with a single keyword appearing as a focus in one article, and as a secondary keyword in others. This is key to building a solid keyword infrastructure, so your article content writing can help your site rank well for various search terms and phrases.


The problem with website SEO copywriting is it’s often difficult for a bus business or organisation to find the time and skills in-house to pull it off. Luckily, there’s some expert content writing firms out there – like InsideCopy.


It’s our day job to ensure your website is populated with quality article content writing – delivered on brief and on schedule. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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