Website SEO Copywriting Essentials: Getting Started

In the modern digital age, if your brand wants to get attention, you need to have a digital presence. Sadly, that’s not quite as easy as it sounds. There are many factors which affect the success of your digital marketing strategy, all of which need to be taken into account if you’re to succeed in getting those all-important search engine rankings and conversions. As a copywriting agency, we’re pretty well placed to help you with one of the most important factors: copywriting.

In our Website SEO Copywriting Essentials series (catchy we know, but we’re just being super upfront on our keyword use here!), we’re going to explain the logic behind some of these tactics and how great copywriting can help get you more business.

Here’s an overview to get things started.

Optimising keywords

This is a complicated topic, and there are endless different ways of finding out exactly what people are searching for on the internet, but the basic principle is fairly easy to get your head around. In order for Google to decide that your website or landing page is relevant to people’s search terms, it needs to include the words or phrases that people are searching for.

It’s best to try and get a few keywords into your text at one point or another, and choose one in particular to focus on. That focus word should find its way into the headline, at least one sub-heading and the meta description for the maximum possible optimisation.

There’s a bit more to it than that. If you’re ready to dive in you can find out more keywords here.

Regular updates

One of the most important things to remember when optimising your website for SEO is to update your website regularly. This can be in the form of article content writing, news updates, blogs, pictures or new product pages.

Updating your site prompts Google to spider it regularly and it tells the search engine overlord your site is active and being maintained, thus making it more likely to contain up to date, relevant information for people searching on related topics.

Connect it up

An important part of your SEO strategy involves links – both internal and external. This means drawing people in from social media, as well as linking to external websites as much as possible in your website SEO copywriting. It may seem like a contradiction to direct people elsewhere once they’re on your website, but connectivity is crucial for SEO.

The internet, after all, is a network and only by getting connected to the rest of the network will you manage to get people onto your page.

Good quality website SEO copywriting

This one, we’re afraid, is a bit more difficult to learn. It’s all very well and good optimising your website to rank highly on Google searches, but if nobody’s sufficiently interested in your content to keep reading once they are there then your efforts will only get you so far.

The only way your website’s article content writing is going to get people coming back is by engaging them – on a human level as well as a technical one.

If you happen to be a gifted writer and have the time to write and polish multiple blogs a month, then you’re laughing, but for the vast majority of small and medium sized businesses out there, the answer is simple – get the professional website content writers in.


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